ONLINESTUDIO1Online or remote study is in this digital age can be easily set up and is important when travel is time consuming and difficult, if not impossible. This enables students from all over the country and  world to have access to lessons and masterclasses from teachers and professors in different countries, benefitting from diverse approaches and perspectives.

ONLINESTUDIO3Jacqui Miles gives online violin lessons using various conferencing applications such as Skype, FaceTime, Google Meet and the most popular conference app for musicians, Zoom.  This is easily set up with your own computer or iPad and does not need extra hardware, although sound quality can be improved with an external microphone and headphones. This can be configured in an introductory session, so advanced computer skills are not necessary!

Remote learning can have some advantages over face to face lessons.

  • option to record lesson for playback later, an aide memoire and invaluable practice tool.
  • “studio” classes and virtual concerts are easy to arrange and attend. The benefits of this include performing to others and listening to their performances, receiving instant feedback about a performance.
  • awareness and accessibility of online media tools.
  • listening and focussing skills improve with fewer distractions
  • Connection with other students through group classes.
  • No travel time or costs or traffic problems!
  • International study from home.

For further information about online classes and how they could work for you, please contact:

Jacqui Miles at